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3. Rain water-harvesting system :

UNICEF/DPHE introduced rain- water collection in some parts of the country where both surface and ground water is scarce especially during the dry season.
UNICEF along with Molt MacDonald invented Ferro-cement pre-fabricated jar of various capacities. Rainwater harvesting system may supplement safe water in the arsenic affected area.


Source Rain water
Collection source Roof of house
Collection rate 0.8ltrs/m2/year incl.evaporation
Using period 6 months
Cost of PVC/rn Tk. 100.00
Water collection jar Ferro-cement jar
Cost of jar:
Capacity: l000ltrs. capacity:2500ltrs Capacity:3000ltrs
Tk. 1200.O0
Tk. 2500.00
Tk. 3300.00
Maintenance cost Tk. 200max

4. Pond sand filter:

UNICEF along with DPHE has been promoting this system since eighties. OXFAM group has been carrying out water sampling from the PSF water in Pathorghata. Most of the sample result showed acceptable level of e.coli and turbidity. However, water surveillance and hygiene practice is very important to endure its safety. 


Source surface water
collection source pond/lake
using period year round
Length 2.18 m
Width 1.58 m
height/depth 1.35 m (clear)
main component
  • pre filter chamber
  • filter chamber
  • storage chamber
  • filter media
  • tabe-welI
  • deljvery line
  • filter media
  • tunnel/PVC filter
  • 3OOmmkhoa
  • 450mm sand
  • coconut fiber

  • delivery rate 0.1 ltr/sec.
    construction cost Tk. 25000.00
    maintenance cost Tk. 600.OO max

    5. Pitcher filter:

    Traditional filter has been in use in the rural areas to clean pond or ring-well water when physical cleaning required. This has not been technically tested but it is believed that the pitcher filter can clean more than 90% of the suspended solids and irons and at some extent limited pathogens. This system requires further investigation and may need development before reintroduced or promoted.


    Source surface water
    collection source well/pond
    using period as and when required
    Pitcher l5 ltrs capacity
    filter media
  • khoa
  • sand
  • charcoal
  • dripping rate 7 ltrs/hr
    material cost Tk. 300.00
    construction time 2 days
    maintenance cost Tk. 100.OO max/year

    6. Household mini sand filter:

    This mini filter has been based on Oxfam’s principal of slow sand filter with modified flow rate, which has been tested in the Teknaf Refugee camp. Trial performance showed acceptable physical and bacteriological cleaning on specific raw water quality e.g. less dirty and less polluted water.


    Source surface water
    collection source pond/lake/well
    using period as and when required
    plastic barrel 200 ltrs capacity
    filter media
  • PVC filter
  • O.30 m depth khoa
  • 0.60 m depth sand
  • synthetic fabrics
  • material cost Tk. 1500.00
    construction time 2 to 4 days
    maintenance cost Tk.200.O0 max/year

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