A Disaster Preparedness Network, working since 1994

Activities of Disaster Forum


Disaster Forum publishes various publications related to disaster. Some of them publish on regular basis viz. 'Bangladesh Disaster Year Report', 'Newsletter', 'Arsenic Fact Sheet' etc. while others are issue based viz. 'A Guide Book to Tackle Water Supply & Sanitation during Emergencies in Bangladesh', 'Cold Wave Manual' etc.


DF offers at least 15 training to disaster mitigation and health. Already Disaster Forum has developed 6 training modules. DF is trying to develop more training category and module.

Communication materials

Disaster Forum has developed video cassettes on different disasters as communication material, which can be used for preparedness messages, awareness raising and training material for different disasters. Besides, there are posters, booklets, stickers etc.


Natural calamities are regular phenomenon in Bangladesh. Disaster Forum is trying to contribute in the field of disaster mitigation/management through it's activiteses. Preparedness is essential to reduce the loss, casuality and sufferings. Disaster Forum believes analytical knowledge, information on disaster helps to be prepared for the calamities. Along with the regular natural calamities, DF also tries to deal the unusual events of disasters.