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A Disaster Preparedness Network, working since 1994

Foundation for Disaster Forum (DF) is a Dhaka based National Disaster Preparedness Network of seventy humanitarian and development agencies, research institutions, government departments and independent activists who are working on various disaster and environmental issues with special focus on preparedness. Since 1994, Forum is working for ensuring the accountability of the humanitarian and development agencies and to promote the rights of all vulnerable people. Promoting alternative perspective on Disaster Mitigation against the prevalent dominant perspective is the prime objective of Disaster Forum.


Dominant Perspective

  • Disasters/conflicts viewed as an isolated event.
  • Linkage with conditions in society during normal times are less analyzed.
  • Technical/Law and Order solutions dominant.
  • Centralized institutions dominate in the intervention strategies. Less participation of people, who are treated as “victims”.
  • Implementing agencies less accountable and their process less transparent to people
  • Interventions are made after the event occurs.
  • The objective of intervention is to return to the situation before the event occurred.

Alternative Prevalent Perspective

  • Disasters/conflicts are part of the normal process of development.
  • Analyzing linkages with society during normal times is fundamental for understanding disaster and conflicts.
  • Emphasis on solutions that change relationship/ structures in society. The objective is to reduce people’s vulnerability and strength their capacity.
  • Decentralized institutions dominate in the intervention strategies. Participation of people paramount in intervention strategies; people treated as “partners” in development.
  • Ensuring accountability and transparency emphasized in implementation.
  • Mitigation of disasters/conflict the fundamental aims.
  • Disaster /conflicts viewed as opportunities for social transformation.


Forum has an Executive Committee, which decides the plan of actions and policy. One person from the Executive committee officiates as Member Secretary of the Forum. Representative of the Executive Committee supervises the secretariat activities of the Disaster Forum. Along with a set of core staff, it carries out the movement/ program, with a pool of volunteers.

Besides, the Executive Committee, Forum has and forms issue- based Sub-Committee when situation and need demands.

Foundation for Disaster Forum is registered under RJSC No. S10770.


Initially Forum started working with twenty-five member organizations. Now it has Seventy (70) members.

Types of Membership:

  • Organization membership (NGOs, Government agencies, Donor, Research, and Educational institute)
  • Individual membership.

Executive Committee:

A fifteen member Executive Committee selected from the member organizations and individuals formulate and review the policy and activities of the Forum in consultation with the member organizations.

Executive Committee

A fifteen member Executive Committee selected from the member organizations and individuals formulate and review the policy and activities of the Forum in consultation with the member organizations.

Member of Executive Committee

Mr. Afsan Chowdhury – Presidentafsan.c@gmail.com 
Ms. Hasna Hena – Vice Presidenthhena54@gmail.com 
Mr. Gawher Nayeem Wahra – Founder Member Secretarynayeem5508@gmail.com 
Mr. Abdul Matin – Treasurerivsban@gmail.com
S.M. Ahsanul Islam (Suman SMA Islam)- Membersmaislam@yahoo.com 
Md. Mozibur Rahman – Membermozibur@sdsbd.org
Md. Rasel Ahmed Liton – Membersksfoundation@sks-bd.org
Md. Habibullah Bahar – Memberhb_mms@yahoo.com
Md. Shahidul Haque –Membershahidul@sarpv.org
Dr. Rezaul Haque – Memberk_haque2@yahoo.com
Ms. Farida Shahnaz Membershahnaz.farida@gmail.com
Dr. Dibalok Shingha Membersingha@dskbangladesh.org
Mr. Khurshid Alam Phd Memberkhursidcodec@gmail.com
Dr. Selina Amin MemberSelina.Amin@plan-internatinal.org
Ms. Sultana Afroze Memberhussainzmr@gmail.com

Membership Forms

Membership Form for Organization

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Membership Form for Individual

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    Disaster Forum publishes various publications related to disaster. Some of them publish on regular basis viz. ‘Bangladesh Disaster Year Report’, ‘Newsletter’, ‘Arsenic Fact Sheet’ etc. while others are issue based viz. ‘A Guide Book to Tackle Water Supply & Sanitation during Emergencies in Bangladesh’, ‘Cold Wave Manual’ etc.


    DF offers at least 15 training to disaster mitigation and health. Already Disaster Forum has developed 6 training modules. DF is trying to develop more training category and module.

    Communication materials

    Disaster Forum has developed video cassettes on different disasters as communication material, which can be used for preparedness messages, awareness raising and training material for different disasters. Besides, there are posters, booklets, stickers etc.


    Natural calamities are regular phenomenon in Bangladesh. Disaster Forum is trying to contribute in the field of disaster mitigation/management through it’s activities. Preparedness is essential to reduce the loss, casualty and sufferings. Disaster Forum believes analytical knowledge, information on disaster helps to be prepared for the calamities. Along with the regular natural calamities, DF also tries to deal the unusual events of disasters.

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