Damages are in increase from drowning, motorbike accident and Nor’westers and lightening

Situation Report #3, 16 May 2021


A Nor’wester swept through Sharishabari of Jamalpur on 15th may. Stormy wind blew away almost two hundred trees and caused damages to 50 houses of five villages all located in Aonai union. Riya Khatun, 20 got injured in the storm when a tree fell on her. She was working at homeyard while the storm was taking place. Many families are living under open sky .


From May 1 to 16, lightening accompanied with nor’westers, claimed 51 lives. Among them, the number of children was 12, 7 women and the rest 32 were men.

Death by “Eid” drowning

During the Eid time, in 14 and 15 of May, six children died by drowning according to news published in newspapers. All the children who died were minors and were in vacation, they were living in nearby place at the time. Among them the number of girl was four and the number of boy was two.

Motorbike Accident in ‘Eid’

Motor bike accidents claimed as many as 6 lives in the Eid day alone. Most of the cases happened due to reckless driving. People of adolescent age are majority in numbers among the death and injured person.  It’s worth mentioning that only fatal cases are reported.

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