Give priority to save rivers

A 10-point Jahangirnagar Declaration has been adopted at National River Fair on the university campus yesterday with a call to give a special priority while developing and implementing projects to save the country’s rivers.
In the declaration, they also urged to protect the rights of the communities depending on the rivers and preserve habitation of aquatic flora and fauna.
The declaration was adopted at the three-day National River Fair 2011 held on Jahangirnagar University campus from July 23-25.
Disaster Forum and Geography and Environment department of the university jointly organised the programme.
Stressing researches on rivers in the declaration, the organisers urged everybody to work for saving the country’s river.
The 10-point declaration also urged people from all walks of life to arrange river fairs so that people can play a role to save rivers.
‘Importance of small rivers’ was the theme of this year’s river fair where dire situation of some small rivers, including Chitra, Halda, Isamati and old Jamuna was presented.
Bangladesh is a country of rivers and none should forget the importance of rivers, said a joint press release of the organizers quoting the declaration.

Published on July 26, 2011, The Daily Star.

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