Highest number of death occurred from lightning this year

Highest number of death occurred from lightning this year

In 18th May, lightning claimed total 22 lives across the country. Among the 22 deceased, the number of children were 5 and 16 were men. All of the victims were either working on field, catching fish, playing in the open field or working in front of house.
In various lightning occasions from May 01 to 18, about 79 people died.
The number of total death in 2021 from lightning till now is 87 (children 19, women 11 and men 57). About 15 persons died in Mymensingh division, 13 in Dhaka and Rajshahi division, district wise the number of dead was highest in Netrokona with 10 deaths.
Beside the deaths from lightning, total 30 persons were injured in this year.
Trees especially Palm trees can save people from lightning. But recently, in some places people are cutting down trees. Without stopping this, we cannot hope to reduce the deaths caused by lightning.

Image source : This picture was taken on Tarail Chok of Shimulia upazila, Manikganj

There is a possibility of forming a low-pressure in the bay of Bengal in May this year

Generally, cyclones that form in the end of may in bay of Bengal tend to sweep through west Bengal, Odisha and southern Bangladesh. According to weathers of west Bengal, it can form in the middle Andaman sea and adjacent east middle bay of Bengal in 22 to 26 of May. Two strong examples of formation of cyclones in the end of May are “Aila” and “Ampan”. Cyclone “Ampan” couldn’t drew monsoon air in the area, but cyclone “Aila” was able to drew monsoon in the west Bengal 14 days earlier..

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