National River Fair 2011

From 23-25, 2011 the Second National River Fair was organized at Jahangirnagar University Campus with a theme of Choto Nodi Choto Noi ( small rivers are not to neglect ). With the theme of spreading awareness about the significance of the small rivers, 23 government and non-government institutions and universities took part in the River FairThe three days of the fair have been dedicated to Chitra, Halda and Adi Jamuna. Brave freedom fighter Ferdousi Priyobhashini depicted her wishes and blessings by enlightening the holy lamp like she did it in First National River Fair at Gaibandha. The Vice Chancellor of Jahangirnagar University Dr. Sharif Enamul Kabir inaugurated the river fair as well as the book “Choto Nodi Choto Noi”. Along with the fair, people continued their discussions, arguments and debates about rivers. Documentaries were screened.

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