Number of diarrhoea patients increasing – Physicians suggests to follow Health rules

As the temperature is rising the number of diarrhoea patients increased over the country. According to the report of ICDDR’B about 495 and 500 people admitted to the ICDDR’B hospital on 18 and 19 April, 2011. ICDDR’B has taken preparation to tackle the situation. In normal situation about 200 to 300 patients took admission in ICDDR’B, but the last few days its number was greater than before. The hospital authority apprehends if people do not aware immediately, situation will turn worsen.

An Alternative Saline

When people will attack with diarrhoea, beside ORS you can also make rice based saline as an alternative saline

Preparation of rice based saline:

One hand full of rice will be in water for 15-20 minutes. After that you have to smash it. The smashed rice will be bitted by mixing with half liter of water with additional 75ml. of water. (As water will be vaporized after boiling). Then boil the mixture by frequent stirring with the help of spoon. After two minutes of boiling you should get down the pot from burner. Mix one tongs of salt of three fingers in this boiled mixture. You can give this saline to the diarrhoea-affected patients after being normal temperature.

Dosage of Oral saline in low stage of dehydration
AgeMeasurement of saline in each time
Under 2 years50-100 m.l / 10 –20 tea spoons
2-10 years100-200 m.l. / 20-40 tea spoons
Above 10 yearsAccording to the need of patients
Source: Disaster Forum Archive
Dosage of Oral saline in Medium stage of dehydration
Age4 months4-11 months12-23 months2-4 years5-14 years15 years or above
Weight5kg.5-7.9kg8-10.9kg11-15.9kg.16-29.9kg.30kg. Or above
ml or the same measurement of a Cup200 -400400-600600-800800-12001200-22002200-4000
Source: Disaster Forum Archive

Prepared By: Sumaya Noor

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