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BPP knowledge fair 2022

Foundation for Disaster Forum participated in Bangladesh Preparedness Partnership (BPP) knowledge fair, 2022 held in Mithamain, Kishorganj  from 28th to 30th March, 2022. It was a part of the 3rd national Disaster Management Scouts Camp, inaugurated by the Honorable President of Bangladesh. Held in Muktizoddha Abdul Huq college premises, the camp arranged  simulations, training and mock drills to train up about 1200 national and internatinal scouts from India, Nepal and Pakistan on different disaster scenarios. The fair was a part of the camp to enhance knowledge of the scouts about disaster preparedness.

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The fair was arranged to share knowledge and raise awareness among young scouts members about disaster preparedness and disaster management.

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River Fair

Bangladesh is a riverine country and the vast river system plays a crucial role in maintaining the eco system and natural environment of the country. Unfortunately lack of proper governance and lawlessness, unplanned projects are hurting this system. The current situation of river system exacerbates the intensity of disasters and causes more harm to people.

Keeping this in mind , Foundation for Disaster Forum arranged river fairs to create mass awareness among general people about the importance of preserving and restoring the river system, and its effect on natural environment, as well as processes such as land grabbing, unplanned developments that are direct threat to the system.

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