Training on Basic Humanitarian Principles

This training course aims to well aware and update the knowledge skills and attitude of the humanitarian activist on basic humanitarian principals and standards.

  • The course create a pool of practitioners in promoting and implementing approaches for enhanced Quality and Accountability through Sphere and HAP as a tool in humanitarian responses by sharing, learning and practicing.
  • The training focuses on strengthening facilitation knowledge and skills in basic humanitarian principles, Red Cross code of conduct, HAP and Sphere standards & the issue of INEE and Good Enough Guide also covered.


4 Days


  • Humanitarian standards (Sphere project, Hap and INEE, Good enough guide)
  • What is Sphere, History of Sphere and why is it important?
  • How does the Sphere handbook work, and why use it?
  • Main messages of the Humanitarian Charter
  • Fundamental human rights concepts
  • Cross cutting issues
  • Protection Principles
  • Use of Protection Principles
  • Sphere Technical Chapter
  • INEE minimum Standards/what is INEE ?
  • Education in emergencies
  • Why INEE in Emergencies
  • Humanitarian Accountability Partnership – International
  • Humanitarian Accountability
  • Humanitarian Quality Management
  • The HAP Standard in Humanitarian Accountability and Quality Management
  • HAP Certification
  • HAP and the Quality and Accountability Initiatives
  • Why and How to use Good Enough Guide
  • Core Humanitarian Standards
  • Use of Humanitarian standards in disaster preparedness, response and recovery
  • Use of Humanitarian standards in monitoring and evaluation
  • Code of Conduct

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