Training on Child Protection, CFS Management and Communication with Children

The objective of this course is to enhance the knowledge of the staffs of the organizations. The main objectives are to describe the structure and content of child protection policy. Participants will capable to understand the child protection policy which they can implement their personnel and professional life. The main objective of child protection policy is children should be safe from those people especially who work in development sector. CFS (Child Friendly Space) Management: Participants are become skilled at about the basic concept of CFS and the minimum standards and implementation of Child Friendly Spaces. And generate a clear concept on the technique of communication with children particularly who need special protection in a child friendly manner.


3 Days


  • Child Protection policy (CPP)
  • Forms of Child abuse, Remember Childhood on abuse
  • Code of Conduct
  • National law for CP, and UNCRC
  • Roles and responsibilities of Duty bearers to protect children in case of emergency
  • What are psychosocial needs?
  • What is psychosocial support and when do we need it?
  • How to give psychosocial support
  • What is psychosocial distress or psychosocial problems?
  • Causes and reactions of psychosocial distress
  • Types of psychosocial support and the
  • psychosocial intervention pyramid
  • What is CFS?
  • What are the principles of Child Friendly Spaces?
  • What activities can be implemented in CFS consistent with the principles of CFS and the psychosocial needs of children?
  • CFS activities and quality standards of different services and structure of CFS
  • Steps in establishing CFS
  • CFS Dos and don’ts for management of CFS and working with children
  • Role and responsibilities and training of CFS staff/volunteers
  • What support and which services for whom?
  • Inclusive approach on CFS
  • Responsibility and role on the referral mechanisms
  • Why is self-care important?
  • How psychosocial workers can identify and manage stress and care for themselves
  • Technique of interview the children who need special protection in a child friendly manner

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