Training on Ward level Response Plan Development for Ward Disaster Management Committees

To initiate the process of developing the understanding of the members of the Ward Disaster Management Committee (WDMC) and its volunteers on the need, steps and method as well as skill of developing a Ward Disaster Response Plan Foundation for Disaster Forum conducted training to the Volunteers & Members of Ward Disaster Management Committee (WDMCs).

Duration: 2 days


  • Knowing the ward (geographical, possible hazards, water bodies, services, institutions related stakeholders and govt, non-gov. facilities)
  • Understanding the role in Crisis/ Hazard Mgt.
  • What do we mean by Transparency, Participation, ownership , Accountability, code of conduct)
  • What do we do in a crisis in real life situation, Identify the role of the members of the WDMC in Risk Reduction and response mechanism
  • Identified the actions in the headings prescribed in the format of the response plan (search and rescue operation, route clearance and debris removal, public health and medical service & fatality management) and spot out the roles and responsibility of the present/absent members of the WDMC.
  • Develop Disaster Response planning format and agreement on the format.
  • Developing WDM plan

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